Teeth Whitening

A winning teeth whitening combination that is twice as effective as any regular teeth whitening kit on the market.


Prestige Smile

This new technology gives you the benefit of removing stains caused by our everyday lifestyles. These can include Smoking, coffee and red wine!


Prestige Smile offers a safe and easy way to having a beautiful white smile. Performed with an LED light. You will see results straight after one session but you will be much happier with a back to back session where you will definitely notice a big difference.

Getting Started

Why we use Prestige Smile
Our Beauty therapist prefer prestige smile because has been in operation now for over 12 years and we have over 10,000 satisfied teeth whitening customers.

The products we bring to our customers are only the very best quality available. Experience with new technology is crucial and they have been improving and refining their teeth whitening processes constantly to make sure we deliver the most effective results safely and efficiently.

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